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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Want Apple’s iPhone X Before It Sells Out? Here’s What You Should Do

Apple’s long-awaited iPhone X will finally be available to preorder starting October 27, ahead of its November 3 launch. Apple’s new smartphones usually sell out quickly, but the iPhone X may be particularly difficult to find this year due to reported production issues with the device. Several reports have suggested that this may be the case, but the most recent comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which indicates that initial shipments will only reach 20 million units. That’s half of what Apple had planned, according to the report.

The iPhone X is one of the biggest changes Apple has made to the iPhone in years. It includes a new edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED screen with a 2,436-by-1,125 pixel resolution, making it sharper and bolder than that of Apple’s other phones. There are also sensors on the front of the phone that enable it to recognize you by face, which means you can unlock your phone or authenticate a purchase just by looking at the iPhone X. Of the three new iPhones Apple announced on September 12, the iPhone X is undoubtedly the most radically updated.

Check out our tips below to try your luck at snagging one as soon as preorders go live.

Be on time

Preorders for the iPhone X will kick off at 12:00 a.m. PT, or 3:00 a.m. ET on October 27. You should be awake and ready to hit the order button the second the option becomes available if you want to have the best chance of securing a phone at launch.

Download the Apple Store App

It’s typical for Apple’s online store to malfunction just before a major product launch, and those who hope to get an iPhone X as soon as possible should take no chances. The free Apple Store app, available for iPhones or iPads, is probably the most reliable way to ensure your preorder will process smoothly. Download it now, then spend a few minutes getting familiar with navigating it.

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Make sure Apple Pay is set up

If you’re ordering the iPhone X through Apple’s mobile app, check that Apple Pay is properly set up with the payment card you intend to use. This is especially important to double check before ordering an iPhone X, as the card you have on file for apps like Uber or Seamless may not be the same card you want to use to purchase an upwards of $999 phone.

Navigate to Settings, then Wallet & Apple Pay, and then Add Credit or Debit Card to put a new card on your account. If you want to remove the card that’s currently saved, tap the card name, scroll down, and tap Remove Card. It also wouldn’t hurt to contact your bank card or credit card company ahead of time, to avoid having your account frozen or flagged by the purchase amount.

Choose the model you want ahead of time

Although preorders don’t open until October 27, you can browse the finishes, select the capacity, and choose your payment plan ahead of time through the Apple Store app. Doing so will make checkout faster because you’ve eliminated deliberation process in a process where every second counts.

If you’re already enrolled in Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, you should get pre-approved to purchase the phone through the Apple Store app, eliminating potential lag from that aspect of the process as well. Pre-approval verifies whether you’re eligible to upgrade, then lets you choose your desired model and confirm your carrier details. It won’t let you skip the line, meaning you’ll still have to wait to place your order at the appointed hour like everyone else, but you’ll have fewer hoops to jump through to purchase the phone on October 27.

Check your cellular carrier’s store

On Thursday at 11:59 p.m. PT, have your carrier’s online store open in a browser tab on a computer or tablet in addition to the Apple Store app on your iPhone. This way you can try both if one store sells out before the other. It’s also possible (well okay, all but certain) that the phone will simply shift to backordered status as orders pile up, at which point you’ll have to decide how long you can stand waiting.

But if all else fails and the iPhone X does sell out before you’re able to buy it, the next best thing to standing in line for one at stores when it launches on November 3, is signing up for availability email alerts through your carrier, if they’re offered.

Author: Lisa Eadicicco
Published at: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 22:28:19 +0000

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