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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Interested in earning 50k per month? Get a job as a data analyst

There is a huge amount of information being generated on a daily basis and if the estimates are to believed, the data generated is approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. With 90% of the data being created in the past two years only, one can say without a doubt, humungous amount of data is being generated on a daily basis. This number is only going to grow as more people become a part of the online world. Since every aspect of our lives are literally being digitized, it is not surprising there is a growing demand for data scientists.

Data analysts are required to study and interpret this data that is being generated in huge numbers each day. However, a data analyst ends up competing not against another human or itself, rather a machine with a capacity that is truly limitless and possesses the ability to learn IF/Then syntax. Although it is tough for humans to be any match to the machines, however, as a data analyst, you can definitely find a middle path, as machines are still not equipped to run unsupervised. It is still a long road ahead, where machines can conduct analysis without the intervention of humans.

The machine, till then, needs to be managed as a supervised model, which would undoubtedly require human involvement. This is where you as a data analyst come into the picture, as you possess the ability to bridge the gap between what exactly needs to be done and what capabilities the machine can exhibit. Being a data analyst, you get to play a pivotal role in solving complex problems by developing strong scripts. There are innumerable tools available online such as open source platforms including Python and R that comes with its own set of libraries.

If you are at the beginning of your career, then forgo the usual software courses and get a hands-on experience of learning these languages. This will definitely help you fast track your career and put you in the midst of data science and engineering. It is just not sufficient enough to know only random science or Bayesian, as the need of the hour is to write programs that can clean and fetch data and give out results in real time.


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