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Monday, October 15, 2018

Consumer Energy Savings Hit Unprecedented 20TWh with Oracle Utilities Opower

Press Release

Consumer Energy Savings Hit Unprecedented 20TWh with Oracle Utilities Opower

Efficiency programs save enough energy to power San Francisco households for a decade or three million Tesla Model 3s traversing the length of the equator

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Oct 15, 2018

Consumer households supported by Oracle Utilities Opower Energy Efficiency programs have reached more than 20-terawatt hours (TWh) in cumulative energy savings. This equates to enough energy to power San Francisco homes for 10 years, Spain for a month or three million Tesla Model 3s traversing the length of the equator. 

Learn what else 20 TWh in energy savings can power here.

The digital revolution has enabled consumers to better control everything from how they shop to how they ride to work. Until relatively recently, however, they lacked the ability to effectively manage their energy usage to lessen both their environmental footprint and monthly costs. Opower first introduced its consumer Energy Efficiency programs to the market in 2008. Just ten years later, the 20 TWh milestone is a testament to how utilities and their customers have embraced these programs and transformed their behaviors to significantly reduce energy emissions.

“Opower revolutionized residential energy efficiency by empowering consumers at every economic level to manage their energy usage with no additional cost,” said Rodger Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Oracle Utilities. “Together, with our utility customers, we have given 15 million consumers access to actionable data that is enabling them to take charge of their energy consumption. With 20 TWh of savings, we have only scratched the surface of what’s possible. It is inspiring to imagine the impact these programs will continue to have in creating a more sustainable energy future for everyone.”

The Opower energy efficiency programs, including Home Energy Reports, are part of a larger Oracle Utilities demand-side management product suite that includes Peak Management, Proactive Alerts, and energy management web tools. Working in tandem, these solutions are designed to inform and motivate consumers to better control their home energy consumption and cost, while allowing utilities to proactively meet regulatory requirements, decrease the cost to serve, reduce call center volume, and improve customer satisfaction.

Exelon’s Utilities – Driving Energy Awareness and Efficiency for Millions of Customers

Exelon’s utility companies (Atlantic City Electric, BGE, ComEd, Delmarva Power, PECO and Pepco) are committed to helping their customers save energy and have been key innovators and collaborators in reaching the 20 TWh efficiency milestone. As part of their comprehensive Business Intelligence and Data Analytics strategy, the company is driving consumer engagement and conservation efforts with a multi-pronged approach that includes Opower Home Energy Report programs and the first application of behavioral science in demand response through Opower Peak Management.

Today, Exelon’s Home Energy Report programs reach more than 3.6 million customers and have generated 2.85 TWh in total savings. Their Peak Management programs, which began at Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) in 2011, now touch 1.1 million BGE and 270,000 ComEd customers. The combined Peak Management programs have generated more than 1.9 GW in total demand reduction during critical peak periods, resulting in lower costs for consumers and increasing the overall reliability of the grid.

Collectively this impact is powering a cleaner and brighter future for Exelon’s utility customers and communities. Learn more about Exelon’s journey here.

The Future of Energy Efficiency

This 20 TWh milestone represents a solid step forward to a larger, more sustainable future for participating utility companies and their customers. Currently, Oracle Utilities Opower programs are on track to deliver 4 TWh of savings annually, which is equivalent to the power generated yearly by the Hoover Dam.

By comparison, Opower’s 20 TWh achievement is seven times greater than the next closest ranking energy efficiency provider in Navigant Research’s 2018 Home Energy Management Leaderboard Report.

“In just two years, Oracle Utilities Opower has gone from 11 TWh energy savings to 20 TWh – a milestone no other software provider has come remotely close to,” added Smith. “Working closely with our utility partners, we will continue to redefine how consumers reach their full energy saving potential, with innovative, scalable solutions that drive behavior change at the time and location that have the most impact.”

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