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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Whatsapp May Soon Acquire These Two Essential Features

WhatsApp is known for testing numerous features in its app under the beta mode. Though most of them even out to non-beta users, there are some of them which don’t.

This time the WhatsApp has done testing on ‘new’ modes in the app that may reduce your addiction to some amount. As seen by WhatsApp Beta info, the website that keeps track on the upcoming WhatsApp features, the firm may add a new Silent mode option next to a ‘Vacation’ mode.

WhatsApp ‘Vacation’ Mode

The ‘Vacation’ mode as mentioned by the website is still under progress. It has been months WhatsApp has been working on this feature and it is not yet ready for users. This mode is ‘based on Silent Mode’ that is already present on Android devices.

The feature expected to arrive on both Android and iOS platforms whenever rolled out. The mode can archive the chat for as long as you need. Presently, when you archive a chat, WhatsApp unarchives it the moment new chat arrives. You can find the ‘Vacation’ mode under Notifications Settings tab.

WhatsApp ‘Silent’ Mode

The new ‘Silent’ mode should be there in some Android smartphones already as it is being rolled out, as per the report.

This feature let users hide the app badge or a notification count on the app’s icon for chats in mute mode. As of now, you can still see the notification count or dots for chats in mute too. This won’t occur when in ‘Silent’ mode.

It’s added that this feature is already active by default. Users don’t have to make any modifications in the settings page to activate it.

WhatsApp Linked Accounts

WhatsApp is working on another feature. As the name hint, this feature will enable you to link your account with external services. It is planned for the WhatsApp Business app. Once rolled out, this feature will be visible under the ‘Profile’ Settings tab.

However, the exact use of the feature is still unknown, and according to the information there could be two possibilities:

The feature might be used to :

Published at: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 13:08:46 +0530

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