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Monday, August 21, 2017

The 5 best back to school backpacks for 2017

All of the semester’s books, plus your laptop, plus your everyday essentials is a heavy enough physical burden to bear much less the figurative weight of coursework and a reputation to upkeep. Picking out the best back to school backpack for you can lift some of that burden.

Naturally, we happen to be experts in picking out the best of, well, all sorts of tech products, including the best back to school backpacks to cart them around in. 

From designer names for the lowest prices they’ll be found this season to sensible, affordable picks all year round, these are the very best back to school backpacks we’ve found for 2017.

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If you’re looking to just drop 25 some bucks on a backpack that will get you through the year, i.e. most folks that just want a bag to hold their stuff, this is the one for you. Made and sold by Amazon through its Basics program, this all-black backpack has a laptop sleeve for machines up to 15 inches, and several types of pockets, for but a pittance compared to most.

The tried and true JanSport is tough to go wrong with. A full-canvas bag with nylon mesh inside including a 15-inch laptop sleeve, this version of the JanSport comes in several colors for a variety of prices. Included in the price are also a media pocket lined in fleece as well as a removable storage pouch.

For those that like the look and feel of JanSport but need even more storage for a particularly heavy semester, the Big Student Backpack from them should do the trick. With a whopping 2,100 cubic inches of carrying capacity, this backpack should hold everything you need and then some. Plus, ergonomic shoulder straps help prevent your load weighing too far down on you.

Burton is one of those brands that has come in vogue in recent years, and for good reason. Its backpacks come in countless colors and fabric styles, even nylon so that rain runs off it a bit easier. The Tinder style packs a 15-inch laptop sleeve, too, as well as ergonomic shoulder straps and a lifetime warranty should a piece go bad.

Meet the ultimate backpack for your next school semester, marrying the worlds of form and function like few others can. The Little America comes in several colors and patterns, all intimating that look and feel of a hiker’s pack. That feeling comes through even with the 13-inch laptop sleeve, magnetic closures and media pocket with headphone port.

Author: Joe Osborne
Published at: Mon, 21 Aug 2017 01:28:56 +0000


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