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Monday, March 12, 2018

Android P: What's new in Google's next version of Android OS

Google has released the preview of the next version Android, dubbed as Android P. The entire list of its features is not out yet, the Developer Preview 1 gives in a glimpse of the new operating system.

The new OS version is likely to be officially introduced in May during Google's annual developer conference I/O 2018.

Take a look at everything new in the Android P -

New image compression technology

With the support for HEIF (heic) image encoding, the images will save more data while transferring and space on the handset.

Apple iPhone X-like notch on the display

The Android P Developer Preview 1 will have ‘Display Cutout’ support - full-screen smartphones with space for speakers and the front cameras, similar to the tune of iPhone X.

Gmail-like 'Smart Replies' coming to messages

Having launched ‘Smart Reply’ to Inbox, Gmail and Allo platforms, Google is implementing the automated responses now to messages which will show up as a reply to emails or a chat saving the time to type a message.

Images in message notifications

Swipe down the tray from the top of the screen and the users will be able to see images in the message notification.

Differentiation between single and group conversations

Right from inside the notification tray, the users will be able to differentiate which text message is one-to-one or is in a group.

Text zooming tool

When the user swipes the cursor on the sentence or a phrase while typing, a magnified look is available to give the users a clearer look.

New Wi-Fi protocol

The support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol, also known as Wi-Fi___33 Round-Trip-Time (RTT) will be brought by Android P which will let developers take advantage of indoor positioning in apps.

Multiple camera support for third-party apps

Developers can make their apps support multiple cameras now.

Improved password autofill

While Android already has the password autofill but with Android P, the feature doesn't need users to type in each section while filling up online forms, passwords, etc.

Vertical volume slider

The Settings page will undergo a cosmetic change as the White/Blue colour palettes will now be multi-coloured. Instead of horizontally, the volume slider is now also placed vertically with its placement changed from top to side.

Published at: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:58:51 +0530


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