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Friday, April 13, 2018

Why do E-commerce Sites need Affiliate Marketing?

Today, e-commerce is the fastest growing industry in India and I have seen many new startups are coming up with typical ideas. Accordingly, there are lots such as OYOroom, Paytm, Siggy, Uber, and more, but I want to talk about OYO, A 19-year guy came forward to solve hospitality problem while traveling and make 200Cr company.

Behind, this success story not only good software and TV & print media, but also affiliate marketing. If you ask to me, then I must say Affiliate Marketing is life-and-death of any online business.

So, What is Affiliate Marketing?

As per Wikipedia, an affiliate marketing is the performance-based marketing, where a business need pay to their partners for each visitor or sale accordingly partnership module such as CPS, CPV, PPC, CPL, CPA and other.

What are Popular Affiliate Network & Publisher?

Cj, DGM, Optimisemedia (OMG) and others are most trusted affiliate networks and NDTV, Time Of India, Sitaphal, Bloggers and other websites are publishers in India.

3 Big Reasons for Affiliate Marketing?

1. Save Money: As above talk, e-tailers need to pay to their affiliates for each visitor or sale. If your partners are associated with cost per sale (CPS) model, then you need to pay for each sale where as If you go for TV & print media then you need to pay first.

2. Increase Traffic: It’s very difficult to get traffic for a startup, reason neither search engine will rank nor other website will link without any great content. If you have affiliates module then million of market leading News websites, Loyalty Reward, Coupon & discount deal, and bloggers will link and serve free traffic to your portal.

3. Brand Awareness: Influencer, Vlogger, and loyal customers will become brand ambassadors and will create awareness through social network such as Facbook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Published at: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 22:18:35 +0530

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